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Stephanie + Daniel | National Arboretum | Washington, DC

So who has two thumbs and apparently IS TERRIBLE AT BLOGGING? This girl, my darlings. THIS GIRL. It’s been so long since I posted and so many wonderful things have happened! First, SUMMER IS HERE Y’ALL. I legit can not handle my excitement over putting all my winter coats away and pretending they don’t exist for the next 6-9 months!

Second, I got to meet two of my gorgeous wedding film clients, Steph and Dan, when we met up to take their engagement photos. Let me tell you guys… these two are the nicest, sweetest, warmest, cutest, little creatures I’ve ever met. Steph was just about the warmest person I’ve ever spoken to. Talking to her is like getting the longest and best hug of your life. And Dan showed me such kindness and patience when my caffeine-free brain kept calling him John for some reason??!? But fear not. Dan was super cool and gently corrected me every time until I FINALLY GOT IT. You know those people who say they’re no good with names but they’re really lying because they want you to be impressed when they actually remember your name? I’m the real deal, sweet readers. I am truly the worst at names and Dan got to experience it first hand!

Let’s talk about their absolutely gorgeous engagement session. I had never been to the National Arboretum until that morning and holy eff, I’m obsessed. That same morning the Cherry Blossom Festival was happening downtown and while everyone and their moms were at the tidal basin fighting each other for a spot, we got to avoid the crowds, take our time, and make our way through all the gorgeous blossoms, trees, and forests that the quiet Arboretum had to offer. I’m basically going to recommend this place to every single couple ever for the rest of time.

Steph and Dan, you two are the realest of deals and I am SO EXCITED to film your wedding in July!!

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