A different kind of portraiture

Analog film sessions for the soul

Let's get this out of the way: I love weddings. But I also love solo portraiture. Combine that with my love of analog film and you get one-of-a-kind photography experience.

I truly believe every human wishes deep down to have their spirit captured. But somewhere along the line, we were told we aren't worthy of it. We've been told we're not beautiful enough. We've been told we don't deserve it. We've been told it's vain to seek out a camera.

I'm here to tell you it's all nonsense.

As a professional photographer, the BEST part of my job is getting to show normal people how their loved ones see them and how beautiful they really are. And you don't require a life milestone like an engagement or wedding  to feel that feeling. You deserve it just for being you.

An artist, storyteller, and friend...

I've been working in the arts for as long as I can remember. Over the years I've become known for my propensity to cultivate an open and honest connection with whomever is in front of my lens. This has given me the ability to form unique connections and images rooted in raw authenticity.

My 35mm Soul Sessions are the culmination of more than a decade spent refining my voice as an artist, and storyteller. 

Hi, I'm Neva

Still picking up my jaw off the floor. Neva is truly next level. To shoot such beautiful photos ON FILM? Holy cow.

_Ruthie R.

Former session subject

1 hour, 2 rolls of 35mm film & an open heart

My Philosophy

Film is beautiful. It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s extraordinarily imperfect. Just like us. Shooting film allows me to slow down and explore the true intention behind the art I create, and the stories I tell. 

Film is timeless. There is nothing quite like the visual impact of how film renders life. There is nothing like that fine, dreamy, other-worldly grain that springs to life out of every frame. It’s impossible to capture this quality digitally, and imperative to images I create.

Film is finite. With only a select few images per roll, every time time we click the shutter during a session, it must be intentional. There is no such thing a perfect image with film. It’s freeing.

Film is a painting, and you are its subject.

Why analog film?

you + me | 35mm film | an open heart

We’ll stroll through the city— DC or Baltimore to be exact. We’ll explore, take our time, and create art together. This session is designed to feel like a walk with an old friend, and not a typical portrait session. I’ll learn more about who you are, and who you want to be; the pretty and the vulnerable. I want to capture what makes you, you.

The Finer Details.

1 Hour | 2 Rolls of 35mm Film | 30 Edited Images


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- neva