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When I was five, I asked the "tooth fairy" for a disposable camera instead of money under my pillow… and I'd say that transaction worked out quite well! My fascination with art, composition, and imagery began with that tiny little camera and has stayed with me my whole life. Keeping photography as a creative outlet, my love for the art eventually steered me towards the performing arts and I became a concert clarinetist, actress, and song-writer.

When I graduated college and transitioned into a grown-up career, I went into corporate event planning and learned all about the tiny logistical nuances that make events run smoothly! As my creative passions drifted further and further from my day to day life, I found myself in search of a "spark" to light up my life again! That all changed a few years ago when two dear friends got married and asked me to capture the memories! That day changed my life and made me realize that fine art storytelling lights up my soul in ways I can't truly describe.

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Being a creative with years of experience in business and events, I always joke about how I’ve been training to be a wedding photographer all my life, I just didn’t realize it until all the pieces came together! I instantly fell in love with working with my sweet clients and using my extroverted skills to make them feel comfortable and themselves in front of my camera! I fell in love with capturing their unique love and telling their stories through my art. I fell in love with the priceless reactions when my couples receive their wedding images and all the memories of their wedding day come flooding back. 

If you appreciate fine art wedding photographs that authentically capture your love story, and value having a true-blue creative cheerleading you through the wedding photography process, I have a feeling we're going to be best friends!

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Photography Is My Love Language

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I am obsessed with my minature schnoodle, Perrin! He was supposed to be named Porter because of my love for beer, but he was too light! So we named him after our favorite brewery in Michigan!

Shameless Dog Lady


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I've always been a wanderer, and I draw such inspiration from getting out into the world and seeing new people, cultures, and places!

Serious Case of Wanderlust


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I can't relax unless the space I'm working in is clean, bright, and filled with plants! I love my office so much and I truly look forward to working (and drinking coffee) in it every day! 

Indoor Plants are my Zen


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He's been my rock for over 10 years and teaches me every day why it's so cool that I get to celebrate marriage as part of my job. I couldn't imagine a more amazing person to share this life with!

My Husband is THE Best


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Have I mentioned I'm a giant kid? I've been to Disney more times than I can count and it'll never be enough! From the mouse ears, to the food, to the rides, I'm all kinds of obsessed!

I'm a Disney Kid!


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